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September 2008 - ACARS Analyser V3.3.6 Released


ACARS Analyser is the most comprehensive ACARS data analysis tool for your ACARS data available today.

It is designed to work with all the major ACARS data capturing programs and enable users to get a complete picture of all the aircraft in there database, where they go and what they have done in the past. The software offers unparalleled abilities to examine data and mine relevant information about aircraft, flights routes and types.

ACARS Analyser is built on the popular Microsoft Jet database system making it reliable for all windows based PC users.

ACARS Analyser is made up of two components, ACARS Analyser and AcarsDM. AcarsDM sits between the data capturing program and the database, and reads data through the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) link. As each message is passed to AcarsDM, its data is processed by the system in real time. Users view the results and query the database through ACARS Analyser.

ACARS Analyser is now FREE to use.

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Features of AcarsDM

  • Real time data collection from SkySpy, AirNav, Airmaster2000, JACARS, PCHFDL and Acarsd (all Modes)
  • Data Alerts for Registrations, Flight Numbers, Message Labels and Message Contents
  • Custom sounds can be assigned for alerts
  • Runs in backgound, minimized to the task bar
  • Option for logging empty data messages

Features of ACARS Analyser

  • Summary of each Aircaft's Flights and the Routes it has flown on
  • Summary of each Flight numbers Aircraft and Aircraft Types used
  • All reports are now available in HTML format
  • 20, 50, 100 and 200 Most recent messages can be accessed instantly
  • Message Labels and Text added to Data Summary
  • Logical Data Layout
  • Import Standard Aircraft list from One Step Download and Update
  • Most Recently Used File List
  • Aircraft Identified by Airline Icon 254 Airline Icons
  • New Registrations Displayed at Top of Explorer Tree
  • Complete Summary of Messages for each Aircraft
  • Message Labels are Customisable Either for all Aircraft or Each Airline
  • Exportable Daily Data Summary Now includes HTML reports
  • Data Organised by Registration & Flight Numbers
  • Flight History for Each Aircraft; Aircraft History for Each Flight
  • Data Summaries available for Last Check, Previous 24 Hrs, 48 Hrs, 7 Days, 1 Month
  • Statistical Information available - Top 10 Aircraft, Flight Number, Airlines, Routes and Types as Well as General Message Statistics
  • Aircraft Movements Summary Presented in a Logical Order
  • Quick Data Summary to View Specific Messages
  • Quick View of Formatted and Unformatted Data Which can be Saved to Text File or Sent to MS Excel for analysis
  • Auto Convert ICAO 4 Letter Airport Codes
  • Customisable Airline / Aircraft / Routes / Flight Lists
  • Import WACARS Flight Numbers (Routes.wdf)
  • Build Query by Using Manual Entry or Dragging Data into Query Builder
  • Create Lists of Messages to find Similar Data or Help in Decoding Messages
  • Find any Data in Database
  • Export Data to MSExcel or to Text Files
  • Import 3rd Party Log File From WACARS, AIR 2K, SkySpy Logs, SkySpy Database, AirNav Logs WinRadio and JACARS
  • Data Stored in a Single Database
  • Database can be Backed up on Exit
  • Data Customised in Aircraft, Message Labels, Airlines, Airports can be Imported Into New Databases as can the Statistics table
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